Julia Estenina

Julia Estenina, Австралия, Canberra Телец
Место проживания
Родной город

6 мая
Семейное положение
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Julia Estenina проживает в городе Canberra, Австралия. Родной город - Vozzhaevka. Знак зодиака Телец. Из открытых источников получены следующие сведения: информация о высшем и среднем образовании, карьере.
Julia пишет о себе:
I iteresnaya girl .. and love to laugh! ... I love to communicate ... I do not smoke, do not drink, and try to play sports, do not love and look after those who smoke, so that such people-to me, do not contact me! But if you get rid of these addictions, then WELCOME TO MY WORLD! (about drug addiction, here and not say anything!) short ... write, we communicate! The woman-little bodies – earth salt, an embodiment of those qualities which the man eternally searches in the woman and seldom finds. On it at times find attacks of impetuous fury, but for this purpose it is necessary very and to try very much. If you do not try too strongly its patience, it will remain equal, quiet and tender. Its natural honesty is not combined with usual female dodges and cunnings. The Woman-little bodies possesses большей strength of mind, than the strongest man, but at it suffices mind not to show this "nonfeminine" quality to the partner. The Woman-little bodies – the true woman, therefore it searches for the true man. Men in it always were involved with that it accepts people such what they are. It can communicate with identical success as with the scientists solving secrets of a universe, and with the usual clerk. The most different people, at times too original, but it always live people, instead of walking dummies can be its friends. The woman-little bodies is absolutely indifferent to enemies, she simply does not notice them, but for friends is capable on a victim. She will forgive to the friend any lacks and never will throw it in a trouble. But in the answer waits for the same relation to. And if you do not justify its trust, she will take offence and will become reserved. The Taurus is not so jealous. Unlike other women who can get savage that the husband admires a charming figure of the young girl, the Taurus not begins to expostulate for it to the husband, and most likely will divide its delights. But it concerns only innocent admiration. If you afford the present change and she about it learns, to you несдобровать. Therefore try not to provoke it. It is impossible to name a Taurus superintellectual; she not from those who reads abstruse philosophical treatises and is interested in the relativity theory. Presence of set of diplomas and scientific degrees leave its absolutely indifferent. She considers that it is quite enough and one. For it presence of common sense and ability to understand deep essence of things is much more important. It a being especially reasonable and practical, firmly standing on the earth. But at all it it, undoubtedly, is artistic, with is thin the developed sensitivity. The Taurus never will put artificial flowers in a vase – and not only because considers it not aesthetic. Its flowers should be live, with a gentle smell – whether it be magnificent garden or unpretentious field. The Taurus adores good expensive spirits, and the spectrum of aromas is very wide – from exotic to cold, fresh. She loves a smell and the linen dried up on the sun and just baked bread, morning papers and the oblique grass, burning candles and autumn leaves. Remembering how it is sensitive to smells, use a good shaving cream and expensive cologne. Anything so will not avert it from the person, as a smell unpleasant to it. Colour also means in a life of a Taurus much. It is imposed by all shades dark blue, from pale blue to indigo, and also pink colour. At it the feeling of colour harmony is strongly developed. The Taurus loves the tasty meal plentifully seasoned with spices. Try to invite her from time to time in restaurant, but it is indispensable with good kitchen. If to you will carry, she will invite you for a house dinner. And here you will be definitively struck. Women-teltsy, as a rule, excellent culinary specialists, and, as it is known, the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach. Tauruses love music, painting and the nature. They sometimes not bad draw.
Интересы Julia:
I like active sports: windsurfing, sailing, running, but sometimes, love just fell into bed ... really like Beyonce and her work!:) Surfing — a water kind of entertainment and sports with use of special equipment in the form of the easy board of the small size (2-4, 7) made of a floating material. The board is set in motion by a sail attached by means of a flexible element — the hinge. This shell also name surfing, or «a sailing board». Surfing can be considered as a hybrid of sailing and actually surfing. In the simplified understanding, the sailing board is similar to the small yacht, but with the important difference: management is carried out not by a wheel, and by an inclination of a mast with a sail, and at movement in a mode and by means of an inclination of the board from a board aboard. The problem of the sportsman consists in that, standing on a board and keeping a sail for a cross-beam called гиком, to arrange a sail concerning a wind so that on a sail there was a force of draught. The force operating on a sail, is transferred to a board not only through a mast support, but also through feet of the sportsman, setting a design in motion. Management of a sailing board is at the rate carried out by sail displacement forward or back along a board, and as turn of a sail round a mast. Sportsmen on a board — — can slide on smooth water as much as long in the presence of a wind. Also they can go for a drive on the big waves up to the moment of a collapse of a wave, and make effective jumps. Surfing — a many-sided kind of sports: depending on predilections of the person, one it can give slow sliding on water, in a combination to rest on the nature; for others can be explosive adrenalinic sports. That is characteristic for modern surfing, it becomes frequent a style of life, as means of infinite perfection and self-expression of the person. Surfing is possible at any strength of wind which is distinct from zero. Driving can be divided into two kinds — in a mode and in водоизмещающем. In a mode the board is supported afloat at the expense of Archimedes force, and in глиссирующем appreciably at the expense of a carrying power of a running stream. The glissirujushchy mode is more combined for development. Strong enough wind (about 6-7 km/s) usually is required. At the same time the widest racing boards («the Formula surfing») with the big sail can already at a wind of 3-4 km/s. In surfing in Russia (as well as all over the world) are engaged on any suitable reservoir. In due course there were some popular places where go Russian . The doubtless leader, мекка the Russian surfing — a plait Dolzhansky. Also Anapa, Yeysk, Sochi and Donuzlav in territory of the next Ukraine are popular. In northern part of Russia leadership at St.-Petersburg and its vicinities. Seliger and lake Pleshcheevo are popular in inhabitants of the Central Russia. One of the most popular places of driving Russian сёрферов outside of Russia is Egypt and Red sea, and also surfing in Vietnam, Turkey, Cyprus, Morocco, Spain, Canary Islands, Greece, Italy and the Atlantic coast of Portugal. The main problem all world — an astable strength of wind within a year, surfing indoors therefore has been thought up. There is a version that Peter Chilvers (Peter Chilvers), the 12-year-old English teenager at southern coast of England — on an island of Hejling (Hayling) was the very first person who has created a board with a sail. However among виндсерферов there is also a set of other versions about the one who is the true inventor of this kind of sports. The theory about Peter Chilversa — one of many. The surfing invention as connect with other names: Newman Darbi (Newman Darby) often consider as the first person to whom in the beginning 60 the idea of fastening of a sail on a swimming platform has come to mind. It has published the breadboard model in 1965 in the magazine August issue the Popular Science (Popular Science). In 1954 it was the company under name Darby Industries which should be engaged in manufacture of the
Julia Estenina живет здесь:
* Фактический адрес проживания определен с точностью до города: Австралия, Австралийская столичная территория, Canberra.
Среднее образование:
Canberra High School
Hawker Primary School
Высшее образование:
University of Canberra
Статус: Студентка (специалист), Очное отделение
Дата окончания: 2016
Каменское / Днепродзержинск
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